Here are some ways we at Steppingstones can help you and your company/organization benefit from the Internet and technology.

We develop and manage highly interactive websitesWe have our own fully-managed, dedicated, high-performance server in a secure data center in Montreal, Canada. The server is only available to our clients for which we host and operate Internet websites and related applications. All of the server data is backed up offsite daily. We have also implemented many other security features to make sure that your data is fully protected and never lost.

Some Internet-related applications that we have developed and implemented for ourselves and clients include:

  • Moodle LMS hosting, operation and development/production of Moodle-based learning resources and activities 
  • CompeTrax – complete online Competency Management and Reporting System
  • Online courses (English and French) with visual slides, narration, animation and music
  • Online quizzes and quiz tracking systems for informal learning, professional development and self-assessment
  • Learning games to make education and professional development more engaging and fun
  • Continuing education planning, tracking and reporting systems
  • Competency self-assessment forms for measuring, tracking and reporting knowledge and skill levels
  • Online college complete with registration / payment system, multimedia courses, learning management system (LMS), and full reporting and client control.

We have expertise with the Joomla CMS and WordPress and have plenty of experience in customizing, enhancing and extending these open-source content management system. This allows us to provide affordable software solutions and quick turnaround. Using a CMS allows our clients to fully manage and update the content on their websites.

We have the tools and expertise to provide complete and comprehensive multimedia services including video production, podcasts, app development, and drone and regular photography services. 

Internet Strategy

An Internet strategy is a lot more than just having an e-mail address and a company website. An Internet strategy means developing and implementing an integrated and comprehensive set of activities that maximize your marketing efforts. It means selecting and using those components of the Internet to complement your regular marketing to achieve your company’s goals.

We can assist you to plan, write and put into action an Internet strategy that makes sense and that will achieve results. Since we also do business plans, we will make sure that your Internet strategy is consistent with the directions and goals of your business plan. If necessary, we can also do the necessary market research (surveys, interviews and/or focus groups) to help you develop a strategy that meets the needs of your customers.

Web Design and Production

There are many different types of websites - brochure, information, customer support and on-lines sales. We can help you choose the best one for you (as part of your overall Internet strategy), design and build it. We can help by:

  • Searching and registering a domain name (or you can do it yourself).
  • Providing you with a complete hosting package.
  • Conducting a needs assessment/feasibility study among your staff and your clients to determine the most appropriate functions and features for your site.
  • Designing, programming and testing your web site. This includes the preparation of any graphics, photographs and special interactive features such as guest books, order forms, etc.
  • Setting up an affordable e-commerce component to your website so you can take on-line orders.
  • Registering your web site with the appropriate search engines and directories so your customers can find you.
  • Helping with on-going maintenance and updating – websites need constant attention to ensure they are working, secure and all features are operating as they should.


Using our research expertise and experience, we can assist you to evaluate the effectiveness of your website and/or your marketing initiatives. A properly done evaluation will show you what is working, and what needs to be changed.

Our past evaluations have included analyzing traffic patterns, comments in guest books, focus groups (live and on-line), detailed surveys of customers and analysis of results. A comprehensive evaluation report is part of our service. Your investment for a professional evaluation will be money well spent.

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