Secrets of Business Success

Here are some important factors to keep in mind if you wish to establish and operate a successful business.

1. You must have a good product or service to use word-of-mouth marketing strategies – otherwise, you will just be spreading bad news. The message is that electronic marketing or using the information highway won’t help you be successful if you have a poor product or service. The place to start is to ensure that you have quality to sell.

2. Foster a positive image and concept among your employees regarding the company and its products and services. Train your people to say the right things. Teach your employees never to say anything negative about your company, even among themselves, and not to badmouth the competition either. This factor is becoming more important as staff respond to comments and questions in electronic networks.

3. Install a no-hassle program. Examine every aspect of your business, and remove all barriers and obstacles, e.g.,

  • Remove all negative signs – no credit, cash only, etc.
  • Build a sincerely friendly, caring atmosphere
  • Make it easy for others to do business with you.

4. Nobody talks about “good” service. You need to exceed customers’ expectations. Here are the five main things customers are looking for when it comes to service:

  • Reliability – the ability to provide what was promised, dependably and accurately.
  • Assurance – the knowledge and courtesy of employees, and their ability to convey trust and confidence.
  • Empathy – the degree of caring and individual attention provided to customers.
  • Responsiveness – the willingness of help customers and provide prompt service.
  • Tangibles – the physical facilities and equipment and the appearance of staff.

5. Invite and deal quickly with complaints. Word travels quickly, especially over the electronic networks such as Internet. Have people monitor the on-line services and response to any complaints or problems quickly.